Sleeping Beauty Sapphire Ring

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Sleeping Beauty Sapphire Ring

Romantic yet bold, inspired by the fairytale Sleeping Beauty, this ring is designed with a colorless sapphire on top, surrounded by golden thorns. It is made by 925 silver and plated in 18 karat yellow gold. This piece is handmade in Paris. Wear it alone, adding a little sparkle to the daily look. Or pair it up with your other rings to make a statement. 浪漫又个性,这枚Sleeping Beauty戒指由设计师在巴黎的工作室手工制成。指环部分为925纯银镀18K黄金,无色蓝宝石被金色荆棘环绕,经光线照射会闪现宝石和黄金的不同亮度。能日常单独佩戴,也建议和其他戒指组合佩戴成为造型重点。
- 18 Karat Gold Plated Silver Ring with Colorless Sapphire
- Colorless Sapphire: 0.1 Carat
- Size: 6.5
- Handmade in France
- Item comes in a box
About the Designer
ChicSichChic is founded by Fusako Koike in 2008. It's elegant, delicate and one of a kind. Every piece is handmade in designer's studio in Montmartre, Paris. 品牌由设计师Fusako在2008年创立于巴黎。优美,细致和独特是品牌珠宝的特性。每一件都由设计师在巴黎蒙马特的工作室手工制作完成。
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