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This elegant n+a New York cuff is handmade in 14k yellow gold, finishing with a touch of a single colorless diamond on one side as a delicate design detail of the brand. Wearing it daily adds a bit shine to the look. n+a New York 纯银钻石手镯由品牌设计师组合手工完成。在开口处一侧镶有单颗白钻,是品牌特有的点睛设计细节。简约细致的设计适合日常佩戴。
- Sterling silver cuff
- Colorless diamonds
Total weight: 0.04 carats
- Made in USA
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About the Designer

Established in 2007, by Japanese designer duo and sisiters, Noriko and Akiko. The most important value of n+a new york is making jewelry that enhances the life of its owner and that will be cherished for a long time.

n+a New York 由日本设计师姐妹Noriko和Akiko在2007年创立于纽约。她们的设计精致又经典,遵循材质的天生特质,手工细制而成。温润的造型特别能迎合佩戴者独特的气质,也能让整体个人造型显得与众不同

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