Flower Earring Clips


Flower Earring Clips

Pure and Romantic, this pair of earring is created with 3D print technology. The matte surface texture mimicking a frozen flower with the snow with very light weight. Wear this attention seeking pair with sleek hair style to show off your unique style, or wear them to a ceremonious occasion with a dressy look. 纯净浪漫,这对蔷薇耳环运用3D打印技术制成。雾面质地,完美重现冰雪花朵的形态且佩戴轻盈无负担。既能搭配简单利落的发型,也可为华丽造型点缀参加隆重场合。
- 3D Printed Polyamide Powder Clip-on Earrings
- Clip Fasten
- Silver Metal Detail
- Approximate Measurement: 5 inches x 2 inches;130 mm x 50 mm
- Made in Slovenia
- Item Comes with Box
About the Designer
Taking punk and tribal iconography, and translating them into refine, luxe pieces of jewelry, Chrishabana is a brand based out of East Village in New York City,creating strong visual with clever design. Chrishabana的作品设计灵感来源于Punk朋克文化,视觉系效果强烈。凭借巧妙的结构依附于佩戴者。或夹,或挂,佩戴结对舒适。
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