Fleur de Lis S


Fleur de Lis S

This Makoto Fleur de lis S Bracelet is handmade in oxidized sterling silver. Associated with French monarchy, Fleur de Lis is a symbol that carries centuries of history. The bracelet is a chain combined by the symbol and finished with a gold cherry blossom pendant, which is Makoto’s signature design detail. Style it up with a stainless steel watch or layering up with other bracelets can add a bold accent to your look. 这条Fleur de Lis迷你鳶尾手链由纯银手工打造。鳶尾百合作为法国皇室的纹章,象征王权,几个世纪以来被大量运用在皇家军队的旗帜上。这条手链由氧化银鳶尾纹章组合而成,每一段都由设计师手工雕刻而有细微不同。手链尾端有Makoto品牌独有的镀金樱花坠装饰。与钢表或者其他手链组合佩戴都能增添不同的气质。
- Oxidized Silver Chain Bracelet
- Oxidized Silver Hook and Loop Fastening
- Measurements:
Length: 7 inches/175 mm
- Handmade in USA
- Item comes in a bag
- Designer recommends no special cleansing care for this item.
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About the Designer

Makoto Chiba, a Japanese born and New York based jewelry designer. His authentic and ethereal designs blend the worlds of nature, classic religious iconography and animal life with hand wrought metals and materials.

出生于日本的珠宝手工艺匠人Makoto Chiba现居纽约。他的设计充满灵性,富有宗教气息的同时也充分体现来源于大自然的灵感。Makoto的作品多由氧化处理的纯银打造,细节处也常镀以黄金或用半宝石点缀。

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