Branch Earring Clips


Branch Earring Clips

Pure and Romantic, this pair of earring is created with 3D print technology. The matte surface texture mimicking a frozen flower with the snow with very light weight. Wear this attention seeking pair with sleek hair style to show off your unique style, or wear them to a ceremonious occasion with a dressy look. 纯净浪漫,这对蔷薇耳环运用3D打印技术制成。雾面质地,完美重现冰雪花朵的形态且佩戴轻盈无负担。既能搭配简单利落的发型,也可为华丽造型点缀参加隆重场合。
- 3D Printed Polyamide Powder Earring
- Silver Metal Detail
- Approximate Measurement: 5 inches x 2 inches;130 mm x 50 mm
- Made in Slovenia
- Item Comes with Box
About the Designer
Inspired by contemporary art, sculpture, painting and the nature, Olga and Rok’s work is often created by combining materials, techniques and latest technology like 3D printing. Olgafacesrok由来自斯洛维尼亚的首饰设计师Olga和平面设计师Rok创立。两位来自不同设计领域的创意人善于运用立体打印科技,结合特殊材料制作出唯美的梦幻配饰。
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