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...dedicating to the most unique jewelry.
…and accessory pieces with quality & style

Out Story

In 2013, Iris Q Lin had an idea to start an online boutique, dedicating to jewelry and accessory. Besides introducing the most unique designs to consumers through ecommerce experience, she wants to truly acknowledge IRI FACADE customers about the designer, while purchasing the designs. To show them the design process and how everything comes together. With background in fashion design and gemology, she ensures that all the goods presented at Iri Facade have both style and quality.

Meanwhile, IRI FACADE is also providing collaboration opportunity with emerging artists, one at a time, featuring and showcasing their talent. We hope these artists get noticed through us and eventually help them expanding more in their future career.



301 West 45th Street Suite 14F

New York, NY, USA


IRIFACADE China Representative Office

No.11 Wande Road

Suit 1903

PuDong, Shanghai, China

Registered in Shanghai


IRI FACADE 专注于珠宝和配饰的线上概念店

不限地域,发掘全世界独具个性年轻设计师品牌,探访产品背后的理念故事。IRI FACADE的产品均由手工制作。期待通过产品传达设计师品牌的创新精神以及文化。除此之外,IRI FACADE也不断寻找新人艺术家,并定期发布联名作品。希望通过此举,能给他们更多展示才能的空间,带来更多机会,鼓励他们坚持创作。

关于 IRI FACADE 主理人 倩瑶 Iris Q.

倩瑶 Iris Q. 是 IRI FACADE 的创立人和买手。

从小学习绘画的倩瑶,在获得供应链管理和广告本科双学位后,来到纽约帕森Parsons设计学院学习服装设计。毕业后在《W Magazine》, Carolina Hererra, Prada等公司工作的经验,让她时常有机会接触各品牌最新的设计作品,逐渐培养出对时尚流行的敏感度;同时也让她对时尚行业有了更细致, 立体的了解。随后倩瑶进入美国宝石协会GIA研读宝石学,获得协会颁发的宝石学家凭证